School Aged Program

A Quality Learning Environment

I do not teach anyone. I only provide the environment in which they can learn.
Albert Einstein
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What We're Proud Of

  1. Flexible part-time enrolment available to meet family needs
  2. Care provided by Registered Early Childhood Educators (ECEs)
  3. Consistent teaching staff with very low turnover
  4. Solid curriculum designed to foster life-long learning
  5. Excellent, spacious indoor and outdoor facilities
  6. Non-profit, government licensed program in operation since 1993

Quality Staff

The success of any child-centred program relies on the strength and innovation of its staff and ours are exceptional! All of our teaching staff are registered Early Childhood Educators who may also hold university degrees and/or additional diplomas. These energetic and knowledgeable educators are well trained and attend numerous professional development workshops and seminars throughout the year. They are dedicated and committed to providing your child with the best care and education while supporting each family in their role.

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Quality Program

Heritage Green Child Care Inc is dedicated to supporting children’s learning, development, health and well-being through caring and responsive Early Childhood Educators, who focus on active learning, exploration, play and inquiry, and who see children and their families as competent and able, and as active participants in all aspects of the program.

A key feature of the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014, is the focus on strengthening child care programs and ensuring high quality experiences for children. The CCEYA authorizes the Minister of Education to issue policy statements regarding programming and pedagogy for the purpose of guiding operators of child care and early year’s programs. How does learning happen? Ontario’s pedagogy for the Early Years (2014) is the document used by Heritage Green Child Care Inc.

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Quality Programs Have Quality Goals

In order to have a quality program, it is important to have well-defined goals that are understood and valued by all members of the team. At Heritage Green, we have worked hard to not only articulate our goals, but also put in a plan of action on how we will ensure that we are meeting and exceeding our goals to provide a safe, welcoming and healthy environment for all our participants and their families.

Heritage Green Child Care wants to ensure that your children have a safe and positive experience that promotes their growth as a leaner. To this end, the Director or designate will observe staff interactions with children ensuring that they align with our program statement and beliefs in adult-child interactions. The following practices are not supported by our facility:

  • Locking the exits of our facility from the inside
  • Using a lock or lockable room or structure to confine a child that has been withdrawn from the group
  • Abusing a child physically, verbally or emotionally
  • Depriving a child of basic needs including food, shelter, clothing or bedding
  • Using corporal punishment
  • Using deliberate harsh or degrading measures that would humiliate the child or undermine his or her self-respect

In the event that the Director or Supervisor observes or is made aware of any practice that is not supported, they will address the issue with the staff member according to the strategies outlined in the Disciplinary Policy that is outlined in the Operations Manual.

Additionally, all Early Childhood Educators have made a commitment to abide by the standards of their profession as set out in the College of Early Childhood Educators Code of Ethics and Standards of practice. All Early Childhood Educators hold themselves accountable, and will use the Code of Ethics, the Standards of practice and the CCEYA to guide their decisions and practice.

We keep records pertaining to monitoring of our Program Statement for 3 years.

References and information in this living document are from:

Program Location and Information

Ages and Fees

Heritage Green Child Care accommodates children from 14 months to 12 years. Our School Aged Program accommodates children from Junior Kindergarten to age 12.

Before School - $9.00
After School - $16.00
Before and After School - $22.00
P.A. Day Camps - $38.00
Holiday Camps - $38.00

There is a $25.00 non-refundable registration fee, payable to the centre and due upon receiving your child's application form.

Parent Handbook

We have created this handbook to help our parent community understand more about our program, daily requirements and answer many of the common questions that arise. Please take a moment to review it.

Location and Hours

We offer our School Aged Program at a number of locations for your convenience.


Our in-house cook provides 2 snacks, which follow the Canada Food Guide. We meet the needs of any dietary restrictions and/or allergies.

All food is prepared on-site and is peanut and tree nut free. All baked goods are made by our baker without colourings or preservatives.

Registration Form

Are you ready to start your Heritage Green Child Care experience? Use enter your information into the registration form below and print it out.

Do you have questions?
We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you might have regarding registration and visits to our centre. Please contact us at (905) 573-3822.

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School May Be Out, But the FUN Continues!

School may be out for the March Break, but that doesn't mean there aren't great things to do! Come for a day, or stay for the week, our March Break program has great theme days, games, activities and trips all supported by our quality Heritage Green staff. Don't forget to register early to avoid disappointment.

Location: Mount Albion Elementary School
Hours: 7am - 6pm
Cost: $38 / day
Note: Campers are required to bring a bagged lunch each day

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A Week of Jam-Packed Adventures!

Science Day

Science Day

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Picnic

Grades 1 - 6
Fort making with blankets


Grades 1 - 6

P.J. and Pancake Brunch

paint brush


Dance Party

Dance Party

Kinder - Grade 3
Winter Scavenger Hunt

Grades 4 - 6
Swimming at Valley Park

Use the buttons below to register. If you have not registered for the school age program before, please complete an application form and registration form.

Fun in the Summer Sun!

Heritage Green Child Care has been providing summer camp for over 15 years, and every year the camp has grown a little bigger. Due to the increase in our enrolment for camp, we are changing our registration process for 2019.

We will be offering 3 registration nights. Registration forms will only be accepted on these three nights:
  • Thursday, March 14 from 3 - 5:30 pm at Mt. Albion (in the hallway by March Break camp)
  • Monday, March 17 from 6 - 8 pm at Heritage Green Child Care
  • Tuesday, March 26 from 6 - 8 pm at Heritage Green Child Care

Those parents requesting full weeks will be processed first. Parents who request part time spots can drop off their forms on one of these nights, but they will not be processed until Wednesday, March 27. Forms will be numbered, and processed in the order they were received. You will receive an email confirmation by the end of the day on March 27.

After March 27, any available spots will be allowed up to and including April 30, based on availability. There will be a $35 administrative charge for all changes. After May 1, there will be no refunds or cancellations.

Due to the high demand, limited enrolment and the need to secure program resources, families' full commitment upon registration. Credits or refunds are not given for illness, absences or program/facility closures due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.